Monday, September 04, 2006

604 No. 40th Street

604 N. 40th Street
Building permit: April 1909
Building style: Classic Revival with stone coins
Building costs: $7,000
Architect: Fredrick Clarke
Owner: LeBrand DeChristian
Addition built: 1918
Architect: Fredrick Henniger

Not much is known about the original owner, LeBrand DeChristian, who owned the house for nine years. A 1912 city directory lists him being involved in real estate.

The house was designed by Fredrick Clark, best known for his designs of schools and churches. Some of his most noted buildings are the Rosewater School (1910) and Omaha Technical High School (1923)

In 1918, Fredrick Henniger designed an addition to the house. Henniger designed office and commercial buildings, as well as many houses in Omaha. He was so prolific and quick at designing he became knowing as “House a Day Henniger”. He designed five houses on 40th street and a dozen or more in the immediate area.