Sunday, September 10, 2006

356 No. 40th Street

356 No. 40th Street

Building permit: August 1898

Building style: Victorian (altered)

Building cost: $5,000

Architect: Fisher & Lawrie

Owner: Fred E. Sanborn

Fred and Kate Sanborn built this house and lived here until 1907. Mr. Sanborn came to Omaha in the late 1880’s to seek his fortune. He began the F.E. Sanborn Company, manufacturers of “Standard Horse & Cattle Food,” and in the first year was the sole member of his company, serving as both stock boy and president. By 1892 the company employed 30 people, producing nearly 2 million pounds of feed sold in 18 states.

Sanborn acquired two partners in his business, one being T.C. Havens, owner of a prosperous coal company. Havens was also a neighbor, living at 101 No. 39th Street in what is now the individually landmarked historic Havens Mansion (made entirely of concrete). Sanborn later was president of the Standard Chemical Manufacturing Company, president of Omaha Manufacturing Association, and president and original promoter of the Omaha Auditorium Commission.

This house was designed by the architectural firm of Fisher & Lawrie. This firm evolved from the firm of Mendelssohn, Fisher & Lawrie founded in 1880’s. Fisher & Lawrie’ partnership continued until 1913. Some of the other buildings they designed were the Gottlieb Storz house and the Sacred Heart Church.