Tuesday, September 05, 2006

518 & 518 1/2 No. 40th Street

Building Permit: November 1922 (finished in 1923)
Building Type: Commercial flat with residential flat above
Building Cost: $8,500
Architect: F.C. Haver
Owner: Abraham Haykin

Abraham Haykin ran a grocery store at 2806 N. 26th Street before building this new store on 40th Street beginning in 1922. There are two other Haykin's who owned grocery stores in Omaha during the 1920's, and it is speculated that this was a family business. This building was built as a retail grocery on the ground floor with a residence on top. This mixed use of retail and residential was very popular until after World War II. In 1930 Reed Ice Cream Company built a small ice cream "bungalow" next to the grocery story. (In later years, the ice cream stand was located one block north at 620 N. 40th Street.) The REed Ice Cream Company sold five cent ice cream cones in white "bungalows" at 63 locations in Omaha from the 1930s through the late 1950's. The company was organized in 1929 by Mr. Claude Reed and the plant was located at 3106 N 24th Street. The company sold ice cream in Omaha and Council Bluffs and, according to an Omaha World Herald article, sold as many as 22,000 cones a day.After he closed the store in 1959, Mr. Reed is credited with inventing a machine that would pressure-whip ice cream or yogurt together with various flavorings. He patented this machine and called it Whirl-a-Whip. Tea Whirl-a-Whip gave birth to what we call Blizzards(C) today.